Office Hours and Doctors’ Schedules

Hours of Operation:


Our clinic is open from Monday to Friday from 10AM to 7 PM. Please refer to the hours below to see what practictioners are in.

Doctors’ Schedules

Dr. Brendan Gervais

Dr. Gervais will be away from Aug 7, and back in the office on August 14

Monday: 10am-1pm,  3pm-6pm

Wednesday: 10am-1pm,  3pm-6pm

Friday: 10am-1pm,  3pm-6pm

Dr. Robert Yeoman

Tuesdays:   3pm-6pm

Thursdays:  3pm-6pm

Duncan Welton (Massage Therapy)  not open just yet!

Monday to Friday 10AM to 7 PM*

*Please call to book an appointment, or click the “book online” button on the homepage!

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