Low Back pain Treatment Solutions

Low Back Pain

Lower back pain can have many causes. Low back pain is the result of the spinal bones and soft tissues that have been previously injured, resulting in locking of your spinal joints. These problems can irritate the delicate nerves that create the pain. Low back pain can be caused by new problems, but most low back pain is caused by spinal malfunction that has been slowly, and painlessly developing for months to years. Said a different way, when the low back bones lose their normal movement, they act like a rusty hinge or a jammed wheel on a shopping cart. Chiropractors are the specialists in detecting and correcting these low back problems. Chiropractors use a combination of spinal adjustments done manually by the doctor’s hands and/or specialized electronic adjusting instruments to re-align the spine, decreasing the irritation to nerves, and thereby relieving back pain.

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